The exhibition

Stamp Collectors Club Vejle and The Danish Philatelic Federation welcome you to the Nordic stampshow, Nordia 2017 on the 27th to the 29th of October 2017 in the DGI-Huset conference centre and the impressive new hall “Spektrum”.
Together with Nordia 2017, the 4th International Polar Philatelic Exhibition will take place. The Exhibition will be the largest philatelic event in Jutland ever.
Apart from the Nordic countries, the Scandinavian Collectors Associations in the US, UK, Germany and Holland will be invited to participate.
The size of the combined Exhibition will be approximately 1200-1500 frames and a large number of Stampdealers, Auctionshouses and Post Agencies are expected.
The hopefully large numbers of visitors can look forward to several exiting experiences during the 3 exhibition days.
Several special exhibition can be experienced, amongst these a special exhibition about The Danish West Indies to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the selling of the Islands to America.
In connection with the Polar Exhibition, we hope to present a special exhibition about The Sirius-Patrol in Greenland and other related items.
The Danish United nations Museum in Frøslev participate with a Field Post Office and present a special exhibition about The Danish Brigade Group in Germany, who can celebrate its 70th anniversary.
The visitors also have the opportunity to hear several exiting lectures and see the presentation of the Nordic Post Agencies stamp program for 2018.
The Nordia 2017 has also been granted the FEPA Recognition, which means the exhibition will be highly promoted in the European countries.This website will be updated regularly about the activities – so stay tuned.

See you in Vejle to Nordia 2017!